Sunday, October 21, 2012

Plantings at the Maasdam Barns Saturday

 It was a beautiful day and a good troupe of Master Gardeners were available to clean beds, dig holes, and bury bulbs and plant plants! 

One of the first orders of business was "the pulling of the marigolds!"   With so many helping hands, it didn't take long at all!

 Have you noticed Julie in the photo above and below?  

She's pulling out bags (100 in each) of tulip bulbs.  

Yes, she's found a total of seven (7) bags!

 Enter ladies with tools!  Hand trowels and electric drills with bulb augers are as slick as can be!

Bulbs to the right of me, bulbs to the left of me . . .
and bulbs in front of me!

 Bulbs in sidewalk beds, bulbs in flower beds and bulbs around the huge horse "poster!"

Back at the Maasdam house ... on the north side ...
there's some heavy-duty planting going on!

 You might notice a climbing rose surrounded by Siberian Iris, Lambs Ear, and some Bearded Iris,
amongst other things.

But this is the lady that wins the prize for bringing her tiller!!

Nice job, everyone!

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