Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jefferson County Extension Service - Master Gardeners' Club

Our newly formed club plans to meet on the third Thursday of every month, 5:00 P.M. (the time may be subject to change with the season), at the Extension Service Office.  Our first meeting was Thursday, January 20. 

We decided to create a blog for the use of anyone, in the county and surrounding areas, desiring information and/or answers to questions about gardening of any type.  Much information will be included that would also be of interest to us as Master Gardeners.  We will also endeavor to include dates of garden workshops, conferences and/or other special events.

It is hoped that several of us, as club members, will elect to write an article of interest. (Don't forget those community service hours!) 

If you are already a Master Gardener, please join us!  If you are needing to begin participating in your required 6 hours of education, please check the side bars periodically.

This article is called a "post."  If you have a question about anything in a post OR about anything related to gardening in general, please leave a comment.

Leaving a comment is easy.  At the end of each post, you will see something that looks like "0 comments" (or "1 comment," etc.)  Click on those words for a dialog box. Type directly in the box.  If you don't have one of the accounts listed, type your name and city/state at the end of your comment, check the "anonymous" box and then click the box "submit comment."  If you'd rather ask a question via an e-mail, please use the e-mail address provided.

My question is "How are you, at this time, planning for Spring?  You can answer this question by leaving a comment!

A Living Memorial - A First Group Project

Our Jefferson County Master Gardeners were asked to participate in readying quite a number of houseplants for use in the Jefferson County Health Center.  The article below was printed in the Fairfield Ledger.  You might be interested in reading it for yourselves.

This enabled us, especially those of us interns, to begin working on our Community Service hours.

February 2011

 These calendars contain not only beautiful photographs, but many pleasant and helpful tips with regard to gardening.  The calendars are available for purchase at the Jefferson County Extension Service.
For a closer view, click on the photo of the calendar! 

Henry County Master Gardeners' Spring Symposium

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