Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gardening is Good for You, October 2011

 Gardening is Good For You!

 There are certain times of the year that may leave us dreaming of different climates.  However, most Midwesterners look forward to the different seasons.  Imagine life without fall foliage, a snow-draped landscape, spring wildflowers, and summer produce.  Life is much more interesting with the changing of the seasons, even when some seem to go by too quickly and others seem to last a bit too long.

A crisp October day is a wonderful time to take a hike in the woods, visit a pumpkin patch or pick apples at a local orchard.  Enjoy the splendors of fall.  It will be another year before they return.


New Master Gardener Project - Starts This Fall!

 The gravel parking lot is on the north edge of the property (and Fairfield Loop Trail) as we look towards the Jefferson County Health Center.   As one walks on the curved sidewalk towards the house, do you notice a shady spot that could possibly be home to ferns, hosta and other shade plants?

 North side of the house - looking towards the paved parking area.
Perhaps there will be ferns and lily of the valley planted here?
Some tulips for the Spring?

Front yard, from the front porch, faces East.
Do you suppose there might be flower garden areas "out there" somewhere?

South side of the house - facing the U.S. Hwy 34 bypass. 
What might we find on the south side of the home?

 Paved Parking Area - will there be plantings near and/or around this area?

All these questions, and more, are being discussed by Master Gardeners right now!

Happy October!